Cheese demoulding machine

Cheese demoulding machine
Cheese demoulding machine
Миннебаева Алена, маркетолог
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Minimizing manual labor in cheese demoulding.
The demoulding machine does two actions:
1. Lid removal
2. Demoulding the cheese from the mould
This facilitates cheese production and increases output by decreasing manual labor expenses and minimizing human performance dependence.
Different mould types
The demoulding machine works with round, cylinder- and bar-shaped cheeses. Settings for several mould types comes as an extra option.
Electro-pneumatic operation.
Made of inox steel.
The operator installs the mould upside down in the lid removal zone, pulls the lever down and the lid gets removed from the mould.
Without turning over the mould moves on to the demoulding zone. The operator sets the bell lever in the downward position and the bell decends all the way down to the bottom of the mould. The operator then pulls the air supply lever – that feeds air into the bell and demoulds cheese out of the mould. Afterwards the bell lever has to be pulled up to lift the bell back in its position.
Energy efficiency
The machine only consumes air and does not require power supply. With its higher affordability as compared to European equivalents the machine is available even for smaller cheese-making factories.
Higher output
The machine considerably facilitates lid removal and cheese demoulding processes. Additionally, application of the machine increases the speed of production in the cheese pressing zone by 30%.
Food industry standards
No ferrous metal components are used. All metal components are of inox steel.

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